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Concrete Floor and other Cleaning Services

Clean As – Industrial Cleaners are a small, tight operation with all the correct equipment and the know how for the jobs and tasks they apply themselves to. We specialise in hard floor cleaning and specialty cleaning. We enjoy what we do and stick to what we enjoy. Although the owner operator has 15 years of diverse experience in most facets of Industrial Cleaning, our aim is to specialise with customers who are looking for a regular maintenance service which could include their window cleaning, water blasting, high dusting, yard sweeping etc., making us a one stop service for ‘most’ of your Industrial Cleaning requirements.

We like to maintain Hard floors, mostly concrete with a hard cement screed surface and the type found in Warehouses, Aircraft Hangars, Storage facilities, Workshops, Multi-level car parks and Factories, this can also include vinyl covered floors and stone tile floors. Each floor has it’s own peculiarities which need to be treated accordingly and we can offer the cutting and sealing, and polishing (honing), of concrete floors. Concrete floors polished finish can also be long term protected using a good quality water resistant densifier.

We also offer ‘Specialised Co2 Blast’ cleaning (go to Master Blast ), which comprises the use of either Co2 Dry Ice pellets or Co2 Snow.                                                                                      NB. Because Co2/ Dry Ice is used at a minus -78.5 degrees Celsius, the work area is automatically sanitised (kitchens and food production).

Dry Ice blasting can be used for Specialised Cleaning in situations where other mediums require ‘operations’ to be shut down for cleaning. Dry Ice/ Co2 cleaning is ‘dry’, needs no toxic chemicals and is static free. The specialised cleaning we prefer (with our Co2 equipment), is the cleaning of electrical sub-stations and similar premises, where the use of water or other blast medium is hazardous and the operations need to be shut down for cleaning, commercial kitchen degreasing and in the production of food products. There are many other scenarios and situations that would benefit from being cleaned with our Co2 systems. The benefits of using Co2 for cleaning are numerous, please have a look at the link above (in green), in our Master Blast site.

Other on-going services we offer our clients are;

Window cleaning, high, low, and entrances in and out.
Water blasting the outside of their premises, hard standing areas and workshop areas.
Lawns, shrubs and tree garden maintenance.

To Summarise;

Concrete floor cutting, sealing, scrubbing, degreasing and sweeping or water blasting. Maintenance could include ‘gum’ removal.

Warehouse, Factory, Workshop, Multi-level commercial car park areas, and other large hard floor area cleaning maintenance.

Specialised cleaning of machinery, conveyor belt production lines, electrical sub-stations, commercial kitchens, food production premises and equipment, and sensitive hospital areas with the use of Co2 equipment.

Public liability $5 million

Health and Safety – Registered Members of Site Safe

We are a small business with a big heart and a clear direction on customer satisfaction !